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Getting Ready Photo Locations

Choosing a great getting ready location can almost be as important as choosing a ceremony location. Clean,minimal and spacious rooms are recommended. Just imagine a bunch of girls getting ready in a small space together.. things can get pretty crowded, hot and messy! I also don't require the room to be brightly lit, I just ask that there is at least one large window. It might be hard to do, but try your best to select a room for the groom and groomsmen that meet these requirements as well.

The first thing I do before taking any photos of the bride and groom getting ready is I take away any sort of clutter that will be distracting. I want to keep the focus on the people and not so much the hair straighteners, food platters or beer bottles. The second thing I do is make sure hair and makeup is set up in an ideal spot with some quality window light.

This photograph was taken at an ideal getting ready location. The light was gorgeous, the room had space to move around and the decor wasn't overwhelming.

Location: 5881 Genoa Bay Rd, Duncan, BC V9L 5Y6.