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Nikon Wedding Photographer

Canon or Nikon? A question I often get asked being a wedding photographer. The answer: NIKON! I've been shooting with Nikon since I started my photography business back in 2013. As a professional wedding photographer and family photographer, I feel it is extremely important to invest in durable and reliable photography equipment. I bring two cameras to every shoot I attend. This way if one breaks on me (which 'knock on wood' has never happened) I have a backup! I also bring anywhere from 4-6 lenses with me so I can choose appropriate glass for the environment I am shooting in and also decide what look I am after. Another fun fact about my camera is that it has two memory card slots. This means if one memory card fails (again never has happened!) there is a back up! So there's no need to stress about lost photos, because trust me boo, I've got it covered.

At the end of the day, I do believe it's not the gear that makes me the photographer I am (although it does help!). It's thanks to my experience, knowledge and personable personality that I am able to create unique and compelling imagery for my clients.

Location: 27240 8 Ave, Aldergrove, BC V4W 2P8.

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