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Fraser Valley Maternity Photographers

I live in Langley but love photographing sessions throughout the Fraser Valley. This maternity photo was actually taken on the side of a busy street but I bet if you had to guess, you'd think it was in the amazon jungle! Ok well maybe that is a bit of a about the Fraser River Heritage Park or maybe Dewdney Regional Park.

Normally I photograph the parents together first. I love spending some time photographing the connection between a mother, father and their unborn baby. I usually finish off the maternity photos taking pictures of the mom by herself. Sometimes we even bare a little more skin and show off a more of her pregnant body besides just her belly.

A few things to know while planning your maternity photo session:

  • This time is special, short lived and magical. A miracle like this should be documented so strip down, show some belly and be proud of who you are and what you're creating.
  • Bring two different outfits; a long dress and then something you can feel a little sexier in. Try a bandeau and jeans, or a fancy bra with a loose skirt.
  • Get some rest before the shoot! We need all of the energy you have left in you to make the magic happen.
  • Plan to do your photo shoot when you are really showing! I love me a big belly! This is usually somewhere between 34 & 37 weeks.

Location: 7840 River Rd S, Fraser Valley G, BC V2V 6T1.