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Fraser Valley Maternity Session - Justine & Mat

Now this session is so up my alley! A momma to be that isn't afraid to flaunt her beautiful changing body. She actually looks like Jane from Tarzan..AM I RIGHT?!

You know what's crazy..we shot these on the side of a busy street... I just told her to trust me.

I love seeing a bare pregnant belly. I love the veins, the shape & the stretch marks. Being pregnant is truly the most beautiful and amazing thing our bodies are capable of. It has become one of the most special times for me to photograph. No woman should be ashamed of their expanding belly. They should be proud that they are growing life inside of them and know that they are beautiful.

Now it's your turn to show off how truly amazing this whole birth thing is. I am the Fraser Valley photographer who will do it for you. All it takes is a simple CLICK.

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