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About Toronto Maternity Photographer and Toronto Family Photographer

"There's a reason motherhood feels so weighty-because mamas carry within them every wondrous, heartbreaking, and joyful memory from every moment of their children's lives." -Joy Prouty

The minute I became a mom, my entire outlook on family and maternity photography changed. To be honest, I wanted nothing to do with photographing pregnancies and wild children… kids were too unpredictable for my artistic vision and the magic of pregnancy was something I couldn’t relate to. But here I am now, a proud momma to three who loved every month of growing my children and appreciated my baby bearing body. I am now fully obsessed with documenting family relationships, the raw, undying love mothers have for their little ones and the indescribable connection between an expecting mom and her unborn child. 

I live for the the quiet nights nursing my littlest, feeling their tiny hand reach up to grab my ear…picking up my son from school and seeing him grin from ear to ear when he catches a glimpse of me… having a glass of red wine with my “Sweetums” of 16 years. That’s what I want to remember and carry with me forever. It is no longer just about pretty pictures. I now focus on digging deep into what makes each one of my clients unique and dedicate myself to telling their story in an honest way. My camera is just a tool I use to create the story that’s in front of me at each photography session. I discover true beauty in all walks of life and owe it to you to show you what I see.


Exist in the memories.
be in the photo today.
if you wait too long,
they'll get too big.
xoxo Kristen Borelli

Pregnancy Photoshoot in Toronto Ontario
Toronto Family Photographer Kisses Her Son

Life may seem fast paced, but as your Toronto photographer, my goal for my clients is to breath in the present moment and to freeze what it is that we are afraid may be forgotten.


Maternity dresses for the boho lovers
Kristen was absolutely amazing. Do not hesitate to invest with her for your photos. She guided us in what to wear (at my request) and made absolute MAGIC for our maternity photos. She wrangled myself, older daughter, the toddler AND husband for a whole gallery of photos I love. I cannot say enough good about her work. She is so sweet to boot. Super professional, great on timelines and everything is done very professionally from her website, reminders to payments. I can’t recommend her enough!