photography mentorships in toronto and beyond

I’ve been smitten over the way I see human interaction and and love to show my clients how imperfectly beautiful their lives are. It’s taken me years of mistake making and problem solving to have finally mastered a foolproof method at creating frame worthy photos for happy clients, time and time again. If you are wanting guidance at providing a smooth client experience and delivering naturally photographed images, I’m here for you.

I’ve been there, I’ve done that. Now take my hand and jump through some hoops with me. You’ll get to avoid some of the blood, sweat and tears I’ve shed along my strenuous adventure of creating a successful photography business. 

Photography Mentorships in the Durham Region

1:1 zoom sit down

I love technology for many reasons, but one of my favourites is getting the opportunity to connect with and teach photographers from all over the world, right from the comfort of our own homes! 

During our 3 hour zoom call, you get to divulge whatever it is you want from me. Whether it’s how I achieve natural looking images, how I choose my locations, my secrets to styling, my client experience process, business advice- you ask it, I answer it. 

We will dive into some editing where I’ll show you from start to finish, using Lightroom and Photoshop, how I process my images along with a handful of yours as well!

Come prepared with all of your burning questions, that way we can get straight to business.

$690 CAD – $300 retainer is due at booking

1:1 in person

Nothing quite beats hands on learning… am I right?!

We will kick off our time together with a 2 hour meet up, which will be the perfect time to chat about the current struggles you’ve been facing. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any question you have about whatever it is you’re dying to know.  We will also have the chance to review your website and social media for an honest critique.

Next we will photograph a beautifully styled (family, maternity or couple…. you choose!) sunset session. As we shoot together, I will show you how I handle lighting, posing, composition and how I face any problems that might arise. I will let you in on my entire thought process throughout our session, whether it’s trying to problem solve dealing with a difficult toddler or figuring out where to find the best light.  

I can promise you that when you leave this 1:1 mentorship, your brain will be exploding with so much valuable knowledge!

$1200 CAD 

Optional Add On: Now we can virtually edit together! Let’s pull up the images from our session and spend 2 hours going through  the steps I take to achieve my signature style. I’ll also walk you through editing a handful of photos on your own.


$500 retainer is due at booking *You must operate your business 100km outside the Durham Region, Ontario

Toronto Photography Mentorships

6 week deep dive

Why not take your business to a whole new level in the matter of 6 weeks?! Below is the most valuable education I’ve ever offered…..

We will begin our journey together with a zoom meet up where you will share with me all of the obstacles you’ve been facing, recent galleries you’ve photographed and where you hope to see your business in the next year. On our second call, we will visit your website and Instagram to see the level you are at and so I can provide some constructive feedback.  

Our hourly zoom chats will continue once a week, totalling six weeks.

Next we will set up an action plan that will be designed to get you to your photography goals. This will include things like session planning, finding the right editing style for you and how we can set up your business to work with you and not against you.  

This experience includes styling and shooting two sessions together OR for you to join me at three live zoom sessions. Either way, you’ll get to ask unlimited questions and see exactly how I approach my shoots.

You’ll  virtually join me to edit a dozen images from each of our sessions. This is your chance to see my post production workflow and for me to guide you while you edit.

During one of our last calls together, we will review an edited session of your choice and revisit your website and Instagram with more ideas on how you can land your ideal clients.

No question will be unanswered. You will be well on your way to having a profitable, successful photography business.

$3,900 -$1,000 retainer is due at booking *You must operate your business 100km outside the Durham Region, Ontario

Whimsical Portrait of Mom and Daughter at Queens Park, Toronto

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Kristen is amazing to work with! Doing a maternity shoot was totally out of my comfort zone, but Kristen made me feel beautiful, and empowered the whole way through. I used her client closet and let her style me, and wow is all I can say! The outfits she selected for me made the photos. She picked outfits I never would have in a 1000 years, yet they were perfect.This was such a special way to celebrate my pregnancy before my baby arrives.