7 Tips for a Successful Maternity Session

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How to Prepare For Your Maternity Photoshoot

Let me guess, it’s your first time carrying a little human and you have no idea how to prep for your upcoming maternity session?! Or maybe you’ve been down this pregnancy photoshoot road before but feel this time you can do a better job at getting organized before the big session day comes?
I’m here to give you the perfect guide on how to prepare for your maternity photoshoot. 

There’s nothing quite like welcoming a new life into this world and documenting the beautiful journey to get there is hands down a must in my opinion. To ensure that your maternity session is a euphoric and stress-free experience, you should follow these important steps….

Find the maternity photographer that's right for you

Choosing the right photographer is definitely the most crucial part of how your photographs will turn out. Look for a photographer who’s work you connect with but more importantly, someone you feel drawn to on an emotional level. If their maternity photographs speak to you, that’s a sign you’ve found the right fit. If you value photography and have big end goals for your session, you’re going to want to go with someone who has a lot of experience in maternity photography. If you still feel unsure after browsing a photographer’s website, you could ask to schedule a consultation to discuss your ideas, preferences, and expectations.

Time your session for when you baby bump is big enough

Toronto Maternity Photographer shoots a session in the Tulip field

I typically suggest scheduling your maternity session for when you are between 28 to 36 weeks pregnant. This is the perfect window for catching the belly when it’s bursting with joy and also getting you in front of the camera before you start to get too uncomfortable. If you are expecting twins, I’d suggest aiming for the 28-32 week mark and if you are carrying smaller, I’d book for when you are further along at around 34-36 weeks.

Pick a location that is special to you

It’s common to leave the exact location choice up to your photographer as great photographers tend to know what makes a beautiful backdrop but it is important for you to consider the overall vibe you are going for. Is it a sun kissed field? A breezy shoreline? Or a vintage studio? Maybe there’s a spot that hold sentimental value to both you and your partner. If you are unsure of where you’d like your photoshoot to take place, a great place to visit is Pinterest. You could search the term “Toronto Maternity Photography” or  possibly a more broad term like “Best Maternity Photos” and from there, pin the photos that you like. Then scroll through your pins and see if there’s a common location theme that seemed to have caught your eye. Showing these inspirational maternity photos to your photographer might be helpful to them at nailing down the exact location. You’re also going to want to let your photographer know how far you are willing to travel. 

Work with your photographer to select your wardrobe

When I plan my client’s maternity sessions, I always stress to them that what they wear plays a huge role in how their photos will end up looking. Discussing your wardrobe well in advance will give you and your photographer loads of time to choose the perfect outfit for you. I make it super easy for my maternity mommas to look and feel their best by providing a client closet that is loaded with flowy dresses, slitted skirts, ruffled tops and fringed shawls that matches my photography style (which is the reason why they hired me in the first place). I opt for pieces that highlight your baby bump (whether it’s fully covered up or seen in the flesh) and makes you feel radiant and confident. I also tend to lean towards clothing that is a neutral or pastel colour and avoid really bold patterns.

Possibly consider getting your hair and makeup done

If seeking professional hair and makeup services will give you a boost of confidence, then go for it! If it’s just not you, then by all means, don’t. I personally would rather you show up to your shoot feeling comfortable with how much makeup is on your face than feeling as if you’re too done up. Funny story; I photographed a little boy that wanted nothing to do with his mom on the session day and only wanted his dad and the reason for this was because his mom’s face and hair looked way different from what he was normally used to!

Consider including family members & Pets

Toronto maternity session with dogs

If you have a partner or already have children, consider including them in your maternity session. An extra layer of emotion can be added by including loved ones and can help in telling the story of the current season of life you are in. You can also ask your photographer if they’d be ok with you bringing your pet(s). 

relax and enjoy the experience

If you’ve done your research and chosen the photographer who is right for you, you should be able to trust them on the day of the photoshoot. Take all the pressure off yourself and let your photographer take the lead in guiding you through your session. Live in the moment and let your inner beauty shine through. Don’t hold back your emotions. Open up and welcome the experience with open arms.

How to Prepare For Your Maternity Photoshoot

Taking the time to prepare for a maternity session involves thoughtful consideration and planning. Now that you’ve this guide, you are one step closer to reaching the maternity session of your dreams.